Overheard On Campus: What Alcohol-Free Activities Can College Students Do on Halloween?

Contributed by Melissa Kelley, MS, CHES

Kudos to you for deciding to avoid a booze-infused Halloween this year. There are many ways to make a sober Halloween a fun one.

Scare Some Kids

Since Halloween is pretty popular for kids, consider contacting a local organization that works with youth to help plan a haunted house or Halloween party that’s safe, fun, and of course, alcohol-free. Most organizations look for volunteers that can dress up, help with activities, and make the event fun for kids.

Scare Some Friends

If you’re looking for something to do with your own friends, plan a costume contest or Halloween fashion show. You can also contact your Student Activities Office about doing a haunted event on campus. Consider turning your residence hall into a haunted hall!  It might be fun for students to ‘trick-or-treat’ in your dorm and go door-to-door, just like when you were kids. It’s easy and pretty inexpensive to decorate.  You can even make it a contest, where the best decorated floor wins a pizza party or ice cream social, etc. Throw in a strobe light or black light for effect and you have instant Halloween! You also can’t go wrong with a scary movie fright fest, either at the theater or in your dorm room. You never know, you might just start a new sober Halloween trend on campus!